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Osmium, Stoneham, MA Osmium designs, manufactures and sells uncommon and enduring menswear that is built to last. Handsome shirts, pants, vests and other garments are thoughtfully designed and carefully produced by skilled workers right here in the USA. If you are tired of cheap third world throwaways check out Osmium for menswear that is classic […]

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The Blue Lace Project

Hey everyone, I stumbled across this new project and it is so fun and important that I wanted to share.  It is called the Blue Lace Project, it is like a yellow ribbon for the Made in the USA movement.  Get a pair of Blue Laces, put them in your favorite shoes and show your […]

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Michal Golan

Michal Golan, New York, NY Michal has been hand making jewelry in  New York for over twenty years. Michal started making and selling jewelry to support herself in graduate school and her work quickly began gaining popularity. The company has been slowly expanding ever since, and now sells to small businesses and runs a retail […]

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From a psychological perspective: Why small shops make better…

I would like to welcome a new contributing writer, Benjamin Biancini.  Benjamin is the founder of The Reliable Series. The Reliable Series is constantly escaping the world of mass produced sub par goods and tracking down the Real McCoy in every industry. Today Benjamin is discussing “Why small shops make better.” ________________________ When products that we rely […]

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